My Main Projects Our company storage server full of assets and spicy memes.
Installation Hell Making the installation of stuff just a b it easier.
Compare A project allowing you to compare solutions of different branches.
OffGames A meta search for Steam game offers.
AllScammers.Exposed A free API will all sorts of endpoints.

My Secondary Projects A quick client-side password generator.
Loading No, the name is not loading; it is literally Loading.
Soundboard A Soundboard in your web browser.
PublicPixel My public pixelart font dedicated to the public domain.
Redactive Pack A smooth Minecraft Texture Pack I update once a new Minecraft release is out.

My Experiments

totalupfuck A little test of moving windows. I made this to show a rookie how anoying javascript can be.
rip Exploit demonstration crashing chrome for mobile and the mobiles themselves after some time by exploiting the audio notification. [ Chrome Issue Report ]
intro Intros before everything!!!!
prime A prime chart with some crappy prediction work.
pdf A PDF thing I was asked to do by HT-Hosting which I never bothered to finish.

For even more projects of mine, check out my Github Repos and my Gists.

Big thanks to my patrons for supporting me. [ Support me as well ]